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Life Excellence Coaching

life excellence coaching

I empower employees challenged by unfulfilled jobs to create and thrive in careers they are are passionate about.

Coaching is a powerful, proven process that engages you to break through your challenges and barriers. You can expect to experience extraordinary successes in your career and life. Coaching transforms your thinking and perceptions, and leads to practical actions you create and use in everyday life.

You will better recognize your strengths and abilities and how to powerfully use them to create success in everyday life. My commitment is that you not only create a new success pathway for yourself and your career - I will assist you to bring the new possibilities you create for yourself into REALITY.

I coach face to face (locally in Victoria BC) and via telephone and Skype. Don't discount Telecoaching or Internet coaching options - I coach people all over North America to get extraordinary results.

Call me today to take advantage of my complimentary initial coaching session, and experience the power of coaching for yourself. I look forward to seeing what is possible for you!


"Robin is one of the most intelligent and insightful people I know. He has a mysterious way of helping you find the answers to solutions on your own, which I feel is integral to being a Coach Trainer and in motivational speaking."

- G. Morrissey, Natural Food/Holistic Medicines Manager at Lobla

"Robin is a wonderful life coach. He is gifted at listening, sorting out issues, then creating a plan. Robin creates a positive clear action plan for reaching your life's goals. I highly recommend working with Robin."

- Sue A., Senior Correspondence Specialist at American Century Inv

"When I felt like I needed help moving forward in my career, a friend recommended Robin as a coach. He helps create structure around my thoughts and desires for moving forward. Robin has this empathetic approach yet seems to be guided by instinct as he knows exactly when to push my ability to articulate, experience, be open a little more, reaping amazing results. Our work together holds me accountable for putting in the effort required to make the intentional, powerful, and awesome outcomes I experience working with Robin. I feel engaged and as though I’m fully participating in my life to make good things happen."

- Andrea G., Analyst, BC Public Service, Victoria, BC

"My experience working with Robin has been transformative, invigorating and profoundly helpful. Robin has challenged me to be more self-efficacious: to rise to my potential. Overall, my investment in regular coaching with Robin has translated into increased self-confidence which has empowered me to increase my value and level of personal satisfaction inside (and outside) the workplace.

As a coach, Robin is adept at deeply listening, asking powerful questions, and keeping me focused and accountable to myself. Robin uses a straight-forward, practical and deeply empathetic kind of approach to coaching. Working with Robin has given me the ability to look at my goals, set priorities and take action. Robin is not only an extraordinary coach, but an incredible human being. I think everyone deserves to have a Robin!"

- Kaeli R., Youth Engagement Consultant, Victoria, BC


"Contact me today to identify what is possible for you in your career and your life. You have untapped talents and resources, I will help you find and use them powerfully in your life."


Life Excellence Coaching

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